Integrated Geophysical/Geological Services


Workstation based, we utilize a range of software including the SMT Suite, Petrel,Eclipse Rockwell, etc.


a) 2D/3D Seismic data processing:
This involves the use of WINDOWS based software (RSA) to deduce advanced 3D post-stack seismic attribute calculation and 2D/3D post stack processing and Analysis using (Trace Pak) package


b) 2D/3D Seismic Interpretation:
This involves structural mapping (fault pattern maps) in time and depth on in-lines, cross-lines and arbitrary lines using 2d/3dPAK application. Digitizing multiple fault segments (normal/reverse) in cross-sections and log correlation of structural /stratigraphic events across adjacent wells/fields, using the EarthPAK software. Interpretation of horizons on seismic data and digitizing /editing faults on one or more attributes volumes using the VuPAK software.

c) Geologic/Reservoir Modeling:
Generation of simple, complex and theoretical Earth models in 2D with the user-defined parameters using the ModPAK software.