Ciscon specializes in the running and handling of Oilfield Tubular.   Our range of tubular services includes Casing and Tubing make up and break-out, with sizes from 1" to 36" OD.

Ciscon's Casing and Tubing crew deploy either a 4 or 6 Cylinder Duetz Power Unit or an Electrical Power Unit which, can deliver up to 40,000 ft 1 b of torque to our different hydraulic power tongs. CISCON has now standardized on the Clincher Hydraulic Power Tongs from above 2" to 30" for better performance.

With our Flush Mounted Spider and other heavy equipment handling tools, we are capable of handling strings of up to 750 tons and bail up to 32 feet in depth. We deploy our FLUSH MOUNTED SPIDER (FMS) regularly for easier casing handling on all our rig engagements.

A Quick Stab Top Drive Fill-up and Circulating Tools (FAC Tool) from 7" to 20" OD casing sizes, are available for filling casing and establishing circulation during casing operations.

Ciscon's Tubular unit handles all sizes of tubing during the Completion of any well with an array of equipment such as Dual Tools, thread protectors, spiders/elevators, drifts, stabbing guides, lifting nubbings, slips, pickup elevators, hydraulic and manual tongs and torque turn computers.

Our computerized Torque Turn equipment is used to run tubulars with premium threads. In this case, the computer monitors and records the torque and turn values and the maximum make-up RPM which automatically signals the status of the connection against a known "finger print" for the particular thread and size of tubing.