Liner Hanger and Completion Systems
CISCON also offers a wide selection of Liner Hanger Systems to compliment the different well completion options already mentioned. In technical partnership with Smith Completion Systems (now Schlumberger), we offer the following Liner Hanger Systems:

  • Non-rotating Mechanical Set Single and Dual Cone,
  • Non-rotating Hydraulic Set Single and Dual Cone.
  • Non-rotating Pocket Slip Mechanical Set and Hydraulic Set
  • Rotating Hydraulic Set Pocket Slip.
  • Integral Liner top Packer Compression and Hydraulic Set. Non-integral Liner top Packer

The hydraulic running tools have a redundant mechanical release backup  mechanism to ensure that the liner setting tool is always released in case of hydraulic release failure. For straight or slightly deviated holes, field proven mechanical setting tools with right Hand release are available. For case of handling, Top Drive Cement Manifolds are available for cementing operations. Remotely controlled Cement Manifold is available for use in deepwater operations and critical well control situations with any of our liner hanger systems.

Our engineers and technicians are well trained and certified by Smith Completions Systems Inc., to ensure that our clients get top quality service always.