CISCON offers a complete array of Well Completion Services including sandface and Intelligent Completions Designs, Equipment and Installation. We provide complete well completions solutions for every conceivable reservoir drainage pattern from conception design to installation.

Ciscon in Technical Service Agreement with Superior Energy Services delivers complete well completions packages based on the latest technology and supported by evaluated experience. We provide effective sand face and conventional well completion services in any downhole condition. Challenging completion on land, swamp, offshore, deepwater and ultra - deepwater arenas demand state-of-the-art technology that reduces risk, increases completion efficiencies and maximizes production. With the Superior Energy's field proven best-in-class, sand control tools and services, we minimize your risks, reduce your completions cost and deliver optimized completions to you.

Completions Systems

Sandface Completions Systems
These completion styles may be installed with several Sand Face Design options of Sand Consolidation, Gravel-pack or untreated.
Other options we offer include horizontal well Completions with Slotted Liner, Screens, Pre-pack Screen, Expandable Sand Screens (ESS), External Casing Packers (ECP) and Swell Packers.

Sand Control
Conventional gravel pack and frac pack systems.
Differential pressure ratings to 15,000 psi and 350"f, externally retrievable. Complete Single trip systems for reducing complete cycle time and optimizing reservoir productivity
* MST"" (Multi-zone Single Trip) - gravel pack or frac pack multi-zones in a single trip.
• RSI "" (Releasable Single Trip) - perforate and gravel pack / frac pack system
• HST ""'Horizontal Single Trip)- wash down, gravel pack/frac pack and selective stimulation system.

Well Screen Products
• Wire Wrapped Screens
*Heavy duty
*High flow
• Pre-packed Screens *Standard
*Heavy Duty
• Premium Screens *Diffusion Bonded Media
*Large Range of Media
• Unitpo'"' ICD Systems
• Surface controlled Sub Surface Safety Valves;
• FlowSafe "" tubing retrievable and wireline retrievable subsurface safety valves 2 3/8" to 7",  5000 - 1 0,000 psi rated

Single Completion
Ciscon provides complete Well designs with the aid of the latest computer software and procures all Well Completion equipment including; Flow Couplings, Stainless Steel or Incoloy Control Lines, Sub-surface Safety Valve (Wireline or Tubing Retrievable), Gas-lift Mandrels with Live or Dummy Valves, Sliding Sleeves, Snap Latch Seal Assemblies, Single Production Packers, Blast Joints, G-locators with Seal Assemblies, Liner Top Packers and Liner Tieback Systems with Liner Hanger Assemblies. We also provide Bridge Plugs and Cement Retainers. Our completion engineers bring over 1 00 combined years of tested experience to any well.

Intelligent Well Completion Capability
CISCON offers the latest in intelligent Well Completion technology based on the Superior Energy Service INS Solution. The Superior solution (Non-Electrical INS Surface Controlled Operation System) is an integrated advance well completion system for flow control in hydrocarbon producing and water injection wells. This system features the new and reliable Rotating Sleeve and Choking Devices.The device is hydraulically or mechanically activated to open, close or choke down flow from up to six production zones in a well. The capability of having a choking device right at the sand-face with which to control your flow, choke back water encroachment, commingle zooes etc. This unique technology is available for you at Ciscon in technical alliance with Superior Energy Services, USA. Superior Energy INS is a game changing approach in Intelligent Well Completions and we are poised and ready to deploy it in your next intelligent well.

Other Intelligent Completion Products
• Multi-Feed Thru Packer 1 OK Different Pressure.
• Wireless Telemetry Monitoring Systems.
• Fiber Optic Pressure and Temperature Sensors.
• Distributed Temperature Systems.
• Cable Based Electronic Pressure and Temperature Gauges.
• Quartz and Sapphire Instruments.
• Electrically Actuated Gas Lift Valves.
• Down-Hole Power Generators

Project Management Capability
With a consortium of Service Providers, in Well Completion Project Management, we provide the client a one-stop shop for:
• Completions Services.
• Slick line and Electric Line Services
• Down hole Electronic Measurement
• Tree Installation and Testing
• Well Cleanup and Testing

Ciscon provides API Certified Well Completions jewelry from any manufacturer at very competitive prices thereby cutting costs for our clients.

Other Well Completion Products and Services
• Multi Feed-Thru Hydraulic Set Packers
• Hydraulic Set Dual Bore Packers
• Permanent Hydraulic Set/Wireline Set Packers.
• Profile Nipples, Sliding Sleeves, Blast Joints, Flow Couplings,
• Entry Guides, Hydro-Trip Subs, Ratcheting and Plane Mule Shoes, etc.
• Mechanically Actuated Rotating Choking Sleeve Licensed from Triangle AS Norway.
• Memory Pressure/Temperature Gauges.
• Installation Services.
• Data Analysis, Storage and Delivery.
• Engineering and Design Support.

We have a full QA/QC program, detailed pre-job checklists and Lessons Learned Database to ensure hitch-free well completions service delivery.

Gaslift Services
Ciscon engineers are highly experienced in gaslift design, installation and optimization techniques. We use the field-proven VALCAL IM and GLAD IM software to calculate valve setting pressure and gaslift mandrel placement in wells. In our gaslift shop, we set repair gaslift valves as well as other related gaslift services.