our Mazak CNC Lathes are setup for mass production of threads, Subs and other accessories.

Pre-dispatch inspection
Every job is thoroughly inspected for conformity to required specifications by our qualified Inspectors before delivery to clients.

Guage Room
Our climate controlled Gauge room ensures that the calibration of all our inspection equipment is maintained.

Thread Repairs
Our semi-automatic Lathes equipped with air kick-outs can reface, rechase and rethread your pipes and BHA to precision.

Ciscon/T&T Houston Services
Located in Houston, Texas, and serving the oilfield industry since 1 972, we are poised to provide all of your Oilfield Tool and Supply needs, and can offer to you, CASING CREWS / LAYDOWN MACHINES/ NEW, USED & REFURBISHED EQUIPMENT, as well as a full line of RENTAL TOOLS to meet your needs. We also Manufacture and Refurbish a full line of Oilfield Equipment and handling tools.

Casing And Laydown Services
Casing Crews • Laydown machines • Casing Running Tool (crt) • Fill-up/flowback Mud Tool • Torque Turn/time Services • Handling Tools Rental. We are capable of handling casing strings ranging in size from 2 3/8" to 13 3/8" with a capacity range up to 500 tons.

New and Used Equipment
We have the professional staff required to ensure that all your Oilfield Tool and Supply needs are met with customer satisfaction being our top priority. Be it your drilling well completion production service/support or any oilfield application, domestic and international, we are there for you.
All our used Equipment for Sale or Rental are MPI/Load Tested, Certified and completely refurbished, then painted to customers company's colors. Assuring you that you receive top quality tools to meet today's demanding market needs.

Refurbished Equipment
Get the Most out of your Equipment and your money by refurbishing and re¬certifying your used tools and increasing your inventory at minimal costs and downtime.

Hydraulic Tong Repairs
After a complete overhaul and refurbishment, our tong department professionals with over 22years of tong repair experience, can restore, repair, refurbish, test and deliverto your first class service, with customer satisfaction

Manufacturing & Repair
Our Machine Shop is well diversified in meeting customized orders to meet today's demand of the oil and gas industry by offering a variety of options on our 4 and 6 cylinder Duetz Power Units. Our Professionals can manufacture and customize to suit all your Hydraulic Power Unit needs.

Dies and Inserts
• UC-3 Inserts
• Tong Dies . UC-4 Inserts
• Button Dies • DU-lnserts
• Cavin Dies
• Grit Faced

Oilfield Supplies
Mud Pump Parts • Centrifugal Pump Parts • Valves o BOP Parts • Hammer Unions Ring Gaskets • Casing scrapers • Diesel Engine parts • Foster Parts • Hoses Brake Blocks • Oil Well Cementing Products • Drill Bits and more.