All personnel will strive to ensure that physical mental or emotional impairment is recognized and managed. It is the individuals ultimate responsibility to ensure that any impairment does not advisedly affect safety performance. Supervisory staff in their own area of responsibility will provide supervision to assist individuals, monitor performance and initiate corrective action where necessary.

HSE Activities And Tasks:
Ciscon plan is to reduce the risk of incidents being caused by an individual's impaired health having an immediate impact on safety. HSE critical activities for the operations will be carried out through implementation of the HSE plan as follows:
  1. Update the Environmental Impact Assessment to account for most recent operations and recommendations from the CASHES panel review.
  2. Initiate and maintain an HSE action Feedback Loop capturing actions from the consolidations operations.
  3. Evaluate Contractors' HSE management system for operations.
  4. Establish HSE responsibilities for each department.
  5. Establish HSE performance standards.
  6. Initiate HEMP, understand major hazards and effects, assess associated risks.
  7. Develop a Waste Management Plan Develop Audit and Review programme.
  8. Establish HSE document register.
  9. Update HSE plan including environmental management aspects.
  10. Establish operations / maintenance organization line HSE responsibilities.
  11. Develop and carry out operations/ maintenance HSE / HEMP induction workshops for the personnel.
  12. Develop Emergency Response plan.
  13. Ensure HSE cases are current and aligned with operating philosophy.
  14. Evolve HSE plan in Asset HSE year plan.
Collation and Preparation of HSE Data:

Data for the HSE planned activities will be collected collated and prepared by the operations disciplines. The CASHES Department will carry out HSE data gathering for the operations. The data required includes:
  1. Operations schedules and milestones.
  2. HSE related studies from the concept of the operations, to act as a starting point for further studies and capture learning point.
  3. Reports and study documents from the operations.
The company recognizes that the HSE motivation lies in proactive leadership and a person's continued well being. Awards are only a part of the incentives and recognition process. Ciscon strongly supports the HSE believes that proactive HSE performance should be recognized.

This information will form part of the overall operation documentation. A simple operation HSE document numbering system will be developed to permit easy reference to be made to the HSE Document Register for HSE Case production.
Non-compliance and Corrective Action:

Monitoring, inspections and audits will be used to identify non-compliance along with measurements of environmental and health performance and data against regulatory limits. Non-compliance will be managed using Corrective Action Procedures.

Follow up on non-compliance shall form an inherent part of the HSE - MS and shall be reviewed as appropriate in the CASHES meeting and management meetings.