Ciscon believes that it is important to maintain a common vision of the HSE objectives and monitor progress in achieving them through the operations both in workshops and work sites.

The HSE Department will prepare and maintain the Audit and Review reports. Audit and Review Plan will involve our clients, to preserve independence and scope of the audit. Audit and Review findings, will be rated as high, medium or low severity. Audit and Review will be required to provide an independent of the implementation of HSE-MS and ISO 14001 by Ciscon Management.

Audit/Review will be carried out at key milestones in the operations. Management Reviews of processes and their effectiveness. E.g. HSE management in workshops and Job Hazards Analysis. Ciscon Management meetings and HSE meeting will be utilized as main venues for ensuring progress to close out of Audit / Reviews and for sharing learning.
Audit and Review Programme:
The Audit and Review Programme is contained in Ciscon "Quality Assurance Plan"
Ciscon Focus:
Ciscon Management Systems and Control Audit, including review of data / document management. Review of the HSE cases.
Ciscon and Contractor focus:
Quarterly operations HSE audit.Review training programme for Ciscon and contractors operations staff.


Inspections are conducted at frequent periodic interval in workshops and work sites and shall always produce written "findings" with recommended actions.