Hammer Services

IHC S-90 Hydrohammer
Ciscon offers the IHC model S-90 hydrohammer for driving conductor pipes during drilling operations. This hammer is described by IHC as the 'smart hammer' facilitated by a state-of-the-art electronic control system. The hammer control system is capable of regulating the hammer blows. The resultant energy applied to the pile, which is measured during every blow is monitored and can be regulated from maximum to minimum. The S-90 hammer has the advantage through its control system to shut off the ram automatically if the pile starts to run faster than the hammer (soft formation), if the hammer is not positioned correctly on the pile,if the stroke becomes too high or if the blow energy is too high.

Other advantages of the S-90 Hydrohammer are:
• S-90 hammer operates at any angle, even horizontally using the cap pressure.
• S-90 is suitable to drive and extract piles.
• A printer can be hooked up to print the report of the piling operation.
• S-90 can be used offshore or onshore, in air or submerged underwater.
• S-90 can pass through the rotary table of the drilling rig
• All relevant components have been tested for piling at depths of up to 2,000 meters. In principle, this hammer can operate in deep water.