Deepwater Slickline Services

In 2006 CISCON made a decision to acquire Slickline Equipment as a strategic compliment to our already developed Well Completions Services. This Slick-line Service is geared towards deployment in the deepwater well completions environment.

Double Drum Slickline Units with 3/1 6" Braided line and 0.1 25" plow steel solid wire, Single Drum Units with option of 0.125 or .1 08" plow steel wire or stainless (Monel) wire. Electric Power Package (Open Loop Hydraulics) powered by 100 hp, 1 800 rpm, 444TC frame, 460 volts, 3 phase eleclric motor.  Hydraulic power unit (6 Cylinder Power Pack),10k psi Pressure Control System, Grease injection units. Complete set of wireline tools and electronic depth measurement devices.

Apart from the routine slickline operation either stand alone or during well completion operation. Setting and pulling crown plugs from the deepwater completion is a very specialized operation carried out by our slickline crew. Other services include:
• Running of Wellhead Crown Plugs. Pulling of Wellhead Isolation Sleeves
• Running and pulling of RPT Plugs
• Sand bailing
• Running and pulling of Wellhead Nipple protectors as stated; we can perform a variety of Routine basic Slickline operations with current inventory in the AGBAMI package.
• Bailing of junk in well bore or a downhole flow device Running and pulling downhole flow devices
• Shifting Sliding Side door Sleeves (SSD's)
• Gauging of tubing
• Running of a lead impression block (LIB) to obtain a picture in the well bore in the well bore Fishing operation

Other future operations will include the above along with the following specific procedures. Any number of "contingencies" can be done as well and will be task-specific to the problems encountered.
• Shifting the profile to release Hydraulic set packer
• Running and pulling of lock-out tools for permanent Lock-out of SCSSV's
• Shifting of a "R" type sleeve in a Lower Completion Gravel pack assembly
• Hydrostatic Bailing of the inside of RPT plugs and Wellhead Crown plugs

Other Products and Services
Ciscon supplies thread compounds and lubricants to the Oil and Gas industry, some of these thread compounds and lubricants include: Thread Compounds and Sealants, Joint and Drill Collar Compounds, Wireline Lubricants and Sealants Cleaner, Degreasers and Detergents, Oils, Oil Additives and Greases. Other casing accessories provided by Ciscon in technical alliance with Davis Lynch Inc., include the following

Primary Cementing Products:
• Float shoes,
• Guide shoes (large diameter weld-on-shoes), Float collars,
• Anti-rotating Lock Down Float collars and plug systems, Automatic Fill up Float shoes and Float collars,
• Inner string cementing equipment Non-weld centralizers, Semi-rigid centralizes,
• Non-weld stop collars,
• Hydraulic and Mechanical stage cementing equipment, Inflatable casing packers,
• Casing fill up and circulating packer.