Planning is critical to the elimination of identified risks or management of them to ALARP(As Low As Reasonable Practicable). This requires competent staff following adequate and appropriate procedure. The HSE plan contained the HSE related activities needed to deliver and keep risks levels at ALARP and permits the development of viable HSE case. The HSE plan is a supporting document to the overall Operations Execution Plan and contains links to clients Business Model.

Procedures and Work Instructions:

Document Control procedures are in place and maintained for activities, which are considered critical to the management of HSE. This includes:

  • Necessary procedure to manage environmental matters effectively.
  • Work instructions for HSE critical task at work site level will be documented by clients.
  • Work instructions will be identified in the HSE case for specific HSE critical activities or operations.
  • Personnel responsible for preparing procedures and work instructions are required to be closely involved with the activities concerned.
  • Procedures and work instructions will be written simply and unambiguously indicating personnel responsible.
  • Procedures and work instructions will include the methods to be used and where appropriate state performance standards and other criteria to be satisfied.

Emergency Response and Contingency:

The following emergency response and contingency plans are in place.

  1.     Emergency fire response plans.
  2.     Man over board plans.
  3.     Medical Evacuation plans.
  4.     First Aid Plans.
  5.     Armed Robbery Attack plans.
  6.     Community Riots plans.
  7.     House Boat Drifting.

Every staff shall be inducted about the safety signals posted in all strategic locations in work place and sites.