Health, Safety & Environmental

The Health, Safety & Environmental Management System (HS&E MS) demonstrates Ciscon's commitment to ensure consistent and effective management of health, safety and environmental matters. The system promotes continuous improvement by ongoing measurement and evaluation of performance against established standards. It also provides an effective HS&E management interface with clients and contractors.

It is the policy of Ciscon to plan and execute all its activities in such a manner that:
1. The safety, health and security of employees, contractors' employees and members of the public who may be involved in its operations are safe guarded or preserved.
2. Reduce impact of our operations on the environment.
3. Be sensitive to the concerns of the host communities.

In implementing this policy, management shall be fully committed to and shall continue to provide safe system of work, safe equipment, personal protective equipment and appropriate training to all our staff to ensure that gains derivable are adequately harnessed. The company's monthly HSE meeting shall continue to be chaired by me and I urge you all to attend all appropriate levels of the meetings as a means of promoting HSE consciousness.

Ciscon management recognizes the fact that prevention of accidents requires cooperative efforts as well as committed attitude of mind to HSE. As a consequence of this fact, the responsibility for preventing any kind of incidents rests with every one of you. You shall be required to use and respect all protective equipment provided by the company and to comply with all HSE rules and regulations. Immediate action shall be taken to remove or minimize all hazard observed. While assuring you of management support, We enjoin you all to participate actively in all HSE programmed for improved standards.
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