CISCON helps companies discover and harness the competitive advantages that are possible through strong leadership. We are committed to adding measurable business value in assisting your management team with developing your organization to its full potential. We impart business values through experienced professionals, using a workshop-based, interactive, consulting and training approach. We incorporate the core business of the Petroleum Industry into our management courses. All courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

BST 101 Balanced Scorecard Training
This hands-on 1 or 2 days training course illustrates to participants' how to build and implement a balanced scorecard strategic management system for your organization, public or private. It includes a personalized workshop to allow you to get started in developing the balanced scorecard for your own organization.

ABST 201 Advanced Balanced Scorecard Training
This advanced course is framed to help organizations to clarify their vision and strategy and translate them into operational objectives that drive both performance and behaviour. It is a management system that uses measurement to provide feedback on internal processes and external outcomes in order to improve strategic performance and operational results.

LDW 001 Leadership Development Workshop
The focus in this 2 or 3 days course is on learning leadership and understanding how it's applied to your core business. This allows the adult learner to instantly transfer leadership principles back into business realities and make an immediate impact

Courses/Field Seminar
We offer small range of customized field courses to professionals in the petroleum and Solid Minerals industries. We promote high-resolution outcrop
studies through organized field meetings. These courses include:

BSF 100 Basic Held Seminars
A 2-5 days integrated course organized for young geologists, petroleum engineers,and reservoir geologists. It provides basic information on sedimentary and depositional processes/stacking patterns of sediments and depositional environments. Participants visit selected exposures.

HG 101 Holiday Geology
A 2-7 days trip through selected routes within the country, designed to create an environment for interaction between technical and non-technical managerial staff away from the office environment, but with a chance to visit places of historic and cultural interest, and still focus on the primary business through examination of exposure of reservoir rocks their inherent rock properties vis-a-vis production problems.